Trainwreck Express "Orphan Annie" bought from Ken Fischer in '89


Not much too it, not even a back nor a handle on top
Egret on front, all TWs have a different image


Trainwreck Express "Lori" from '85 (can't wait to record this one!)


This '85 has the earlier transformers
This one has a Dragon on the front, but is actually a sweetheart tonally


'89 & '85 together in the studio
From two different eras tonally


No master, no verb, no loop, no switching, nothing but tone


I personally built these two for road use, moon & sun
Built on NOS thin chassis just like the original


'68 Marshall Superbass 100 stack '68 Superbass 100 has some wear but sounds great


Beater '71 4x12 w/Scumback M75s Modded TT amp & micro 1x12 fits in suitcase for fly dates


I have two of these from '64. Great amps w/pedals
Metro amp 50 watter kit I built to '70 specs


Inside my Metro 50 w/ NOS mustards & NOS LCR PS caps, Merren OT, Marstan PT. Sounds great!