As a guitarist & bassist, I’ve been playing professionally since my early 20s. Based out of Nashville, TN I’m originally from northern Virginia. I came from a musical family and both my parents are successful song writers, plus my dad performed at Carnegie Hall back in the 60s.

I moved to Nashville in the late 90s, with the goal of wanting to do music full time and to work with some true professionals. Shortly after moving to town I toured a bit with Clay Davidson (on Virgin records) and have toured overseas with Jerry Kilgore. These days I currently play lead guitar with country/cajun legend EDDY RAVEN. Eddy Raven's career boasts an impressive 8 Number 1 hits, 14 top 10s, 23 top 100s, and 24 albums. Eddy tours nationally and we regularly perform on the GRAND OLE OPRY.

I also am co-owners of a small but quite successful music publishing company called WYNWOOD MUSIC CO., Inc. We had 2 cuts in the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou?” which had a VERY succesful soundtrack album. In the last couple years we have had cuts on both Eric Clapton's and Gregg Allman's latest CDs.

I also do plenty of recording session work either as engineer, producer, or performer.  My current studio is quite busy these days, and I plan to have a web site up soon for it. Also my own Youtube videos have brought in over 3/4 million views and over 1200 subscribers.

Guitar & Bass instruction has also always been a part of my musical career. I estimate that I’ve taught over 2000 different students, and well over 20,000 lessons! Currently I teach most of my lesson "online" via SKYPE.

My first solo CD release “Can You Hear It Ring?” was released in 2007. An all instrumental rock/blues/country recording featuring the drumming of Erin Conley, and myself on guitar and bass. The roots of this recording go way back to the 90s when I was featured on a GUITAR PLAYER magazine Soundpage with an improvised instrumental recording. The magazine wrote “a profoundly musical rocker with a too-good-to-be true-tone.” Several years later the other recordings on the CD took shape and my CD was finally released to great response. I guess the thing I've been known for the most over the years is my guitar "tones". My obsession with "tone" all started very early for me, and I was only 18 when I bought my original '59 Gibson Les Paul. Later on I started to play a Trainwreck amp built by the legendary (now late) Ken Fischer well before anyone had heard of these amplifiers. Now days the only other Trainwreck amps in Nashville (other than mine) are owned by Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. My CD is most likely the only instrumental CD ever released exclusively featuring these very rare and sought after amplifiers. Currently my CD in hard copy is sold out, but it can be downloaded on ITUNES.