Audio samples from Glen Kuykendall's "Can You Hear It Ring?" CD which is currently out of print but available on ITUNES for download. Click each to play.

Can You Hear It Ring?

New Mexico

Thanks Mr. G

The Clipper

Samples of 2003 Gibson Blacktop Les Paul FOR SALE! (click to play)

Texas Blues on 2003 Gibson Blacktop R7 for sale!

Old Country on 2003 Gibson Blacktop R7 for sale!

Glen Kuykendall's Youtube videos. Click each to play. These first 3 are new instructional videos filmed in 720p HD. The top two are beginner level, and the third one is more advanced.

These below were filmed in recent times, and feature the interesting Trainwreck amps, and some nice guitars...

These 4 are lower resolution camcorder videos from about 6 years ago but are still popular.


These 4 were filmed back in the 90s on cable TV show called "Rock Study". Wild pants + Ken Fischer interview!

These 3 live videos go back to Glen's very early days in a Virginia based band called "Raven".