Update May 2017: Been busy performing mainly with Eddy Raven and Stretta, and my calendar is now also updated. I recently picked up a 1962 Gibson "Ebony Block" Les Paul SG standard w/PAFs, a suprisingly good 2014 60s "Special Edition" MIM Fender Strat, a Carr Impala amp, plus two Rivera era Fender amps being a Champ II & Bassman 20. I've modded both of these a bit and the Bassman 20 head in the Champ II combo cab has become my "carry on" fly date rig as it easily fits in the overhead. I mounted the Champ II in a head box for a nice "mini" head. Please check out my latest two videos from January 2016 with the 1962 "Ebony Block" SG & original Trainwreck Express amps!

Also lately I've been been teaching more Guitar Lessons online via SKYPE. Currently I have several students here in the USA, plus some in much farther away places such as Canada, Finland, Australia.. Check out my lesson page for more info. Thanks! GK